2020 News of Note

2020 Tough Times  

Team Building for Charity CEOs and their Management Teams.


As CCG, Local Authority, Grant Foundation and Donor income streams dry up, Chairs, Trustees and CEOs sometimes respond in a 'combative' manner that can exert undue pressure on staff and volunteers. Teams can break down. 

We offer a special low cost Charity 'Team Building' service - requires one half day off site preparation, one day to meet team and distill personal feedback, one day with face to face intervention to explain the LIFO Personal Style Report, and half a day to present and set in process steps to overcome operational team relationship difficulties.Three highly valuable days. Special rates for Charities. 

Spaces for just five Charities left before July 2020. Includes five 360 degree personal psychometric assessments - which act as foundations for future development of the individuals. 





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We are happy to discuss these subjects and listen to your requirments. We will plan a bespoke programme if that is needed.

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