Using LinkedIn Workshop

Establish Personal Branding and attract Jobs and Recruiters

The career and talent development advice you received during CertaintyOne Coaching Forums gave you valuable advice about Personal Branding and Social Networks vital for your job searching phase.

Now you can get access to hands on training with this Workshop to help you build confidence – where the coaches who helped you develop your CV's and analyse your core strengths using LIFO will be on hand with a digital marketing specialist and ‘wordsmith’. 

The techniques recommended will be key to your Personal Image,  in developing a Corporate image, and also in finding and joining Groups of common interest.

Working in small groups, you will be guided as follows:

  • How to make you appear professional, specialist, and approachable
  • Why and how to find others who will be interested in you
  • What it takes to complete your profile and ensure key words are included
  • Seeing it how Recruitment Agencies do – the triggers that make you stand out
  • How to cover periods of unemployment yet appear ‘still in action’

It does take courage to publish for the first time, so it is important not to make mistakes in the public domain, which might have lasting adverse effects.

In addition there are so many Personal and Corporate features in social network services such as LinkedIn, that it is vital to learn as fast as possible how to join the e-job hunting world in a professional manner.

These short training sessions are a must for anyone taking job hunting seriously.

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