• Manage outplacement. Mentor those made redundant.

    Manage outplacement. Mentor those made redundant.

    Sadly, many businesses and charities are having to downsize and make employees redundant.Can an employer do this with compassion? By engaging us to provide what is called an Outplacement Programme, then yes. We can complement your in-house HR service resources and shape a programme for any group of departing employees. We will help those being made redundant in taking action, for instance, on: -


    •  how to handle the loss of income and esteem
    • how to re-build confidence
    •  how to identify key strengths and re-write CV’s ready for job searching
    •  how to perform well at interviews and handle recruitment agencies
    •  how to consider career changes 
    •  how to stay resilient in the face of a long period of being out of work


    Already redundant? It is never too late to ask for help. We can tailor a personal set of sessions and step you through our programme to help you recover and stay resilient. Just get in touch now. 



  • Helping re-build smaller enterprises damaged by COVID

    Helping re-build smaller enterprises damaged by COVID

    We will analyse what is your strategy for survival.

    We will challenge and add creative ideas.

    • Were all your products / brands and services really needed
    • What are now in demand and what can you shed
    • How can you operate more leanly to regain a profit or small surplus position
    • What do you need to do to win more business or generate new funds







  • Mentoring those post COVID who must change careers

    Mentoring those post COVID who must change careers

    Sadly, and as a result of COVID -19  perhaps, many senior people in hospitality, travel and charities will be losing their jobs in mid to late 2020, so how can you best prepare to search for new ones. 

    What are your real transferrable sklls? Mid-career changes, especially for older candidates, do present some challenges and there are also cultural differences to be acknowledged if conducting a search for a job in a different sector.The consultants in our teams come from some of these backgrounds, and have special skills to advise on these situations.

    We will help redundant professionals

    • assess their own skills and behavioural strengths, supported by psychometric questionnaires
    • learn how to handle recruitment agents
    • prepare new CV's and coach in interview techniques to aim for fast success
    • reflect on their core capabilities and behavioural styles with regard to any new job
    • set the risk of change in context e.g time to train, lag in earnings
    • steer themselves towards realistic and achievable changes
    • prepare themselves for changes in cutlure and behaviours 
    • speak with people working in their target 'change sector' to hear about realities of that environment 

  • Transformative Change in Business Behaviours

    Transformative Change in Business Behaviours

    Transformation ?  Downsizing or merging? It can be vital to re-assess your operations, your existng and new persons' skills, and reconstruct your teams - leaders and founders often find that skill needs change dramatically. How can you approach this especially post COVID, when leaner operations may imply keeping, re-organising, supporting  and motivating your best people to make them operate more efficiently? If you take the time to demonstrate more empathy and compassion, and offer some personal development, key staff will be more likely to stay with you

    Our lead advisers have that experience to:

    • Align people with shared CEO and Trustee vision and strategy, in business or charities
    • Train in leading and communicating, and develping team collaboration
    • Profile key individuals with 360 degree feeedback on how to change behaviours and work better with others
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There is no substitute for experience. 

We provide access to a pool of top quality coaches and HR consultants. 

All have run their own businesses so have 'been there,  done it', lost jobs and changed jobs several times - and made many mistakes.

 We apply passion, wisdom, judgement and leadership - showing kindness, care and  integrity at all times.  

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