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Have you recently furloughed staff

but now need to make


Our specialist team of coaching professionals will work sensitively alongside your HR or other senior managers who are responsible for making these tough decisions. We will help you demonstrate compassion and care, as you develop a creative support package for your departing employees. This is scientifically proven to boost the morale of those remaining.

Have you been out of work for a few months now and need some additional support?

CertaintyOne has introduced a new Resilience Club to help individuals develop their resilience and confidence during these unprecedented times. You can join with others to receive ongoing professional advice and share issues in confidence during our programme.

Mid-to-late career senior managers often identify useful collaborations and establish valuable relationships with similar-minded people.

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As a coaching company, our mission is to offer sustainable long-term help for those who have already lost jobs. Many individuals may find themselves worried about becoming re-engaged after a long period of furlough, or they may be aware of an internal consultation about job reductions which could affect them. Getting your CV prepared and submitted to a potential new employer quickly can place you at the top of job applicant queues. By being flexible in our service delivery techniques, we can continue to provide a wide range of quality unemployment support services during and after the covid-19 pandemic. Engage with us in one-to-one online Zoom sessions, or meet face-to-face in our friendly and supportive workshops.

Given the current covid epidemic, we believe that there is a long-term change happening in the employment world; many businesses will need to restructure and make redundancies, and individuals will need to develop resilience and confidence in order to change jobs and/or careers. Investing in professional coaching is vital to both business and individual success.

Peter McCann and his expert team of supportive associates have many years’ experience in redundancy, outplacement and leadership coaching. With a proven track record of helping over 60% of our clients get back into some form of work, we help individuals adopt a creative approach to job hunting, as well as supporting people during times of difficulty. Many of us have experience in the UK and internationally, and have created successful start-up businesses.

Our West Midlands regional team of coaching professionals service businesses, charities and individuals based in the catchment areas of Birmingham, as well as the three counties of Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. We hope to complement our virtual online Redundancy Programme with individual face-to-face meetings, group redundancy work and resilience clubs. These sessions will safely adhere to government covid guidelines and will be held in Ledbury, which is easily commutable from Gloucester, Worcester and Hereford.

CertaintyOne: Certain success in uncertain times.


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“Peter provides excellent support for redundant executive professionals on his six-week course. This has been a lifeline for me and has, above all, equipped me with an array of 'self-marketing' skills. Creatively designed with an underlying theme of support and pro-activity, I thoroughly recommend Peter and his work in tackling (and harnessing the benefits of) redundancy.”


~ Liz Prosser, Senior Policy & Programme Manager at Greater London Authority