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Overcoming Constraints to Ensure for Growth & Success


Our Story

CertaintyOne: Delivering Individual and Business Support Services at a price you can afford.


CertaintyOne can help you gain access to a very experienced set of advisers. Following their own career successes, our partners are passionate about giving back to individuals, communities, companies and charities who wish to improve their processes, but need a helping hand.


Our expert team focuses on two service areas. 

Service Area 1: Our One Step Programme for Career Recovery, Advancement & Success 

  • Complete profiling exercises and get to know yourself better 

  • Build a great CV and start your job search 

  • Practice your interview skills and secure your dream job

  • Consider joining our exclusive Resilience Clubs

  • Develop your personal skills and gain valuable experience

  • Secure promotions and achieve success

Service Area 2: Our One Step Programme for Your Business or Charity

Challenges & Opportunities 

In our 1-3 day workshop, we will:

  • Identify constraints that are affecting growth

  • Develop and implement a successful growth plan

  • Profile key leaders and help them become better team players

  • Set measurable targets with practical plans for team members

  • Improve overall success in your markets and communities


Stay one step ahead with CertaintyOne’s

One Step Programmes.

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“Peter has been a business associate of mine for many years. His entrepreneurial zeal is very much alive, and his success in business over many years proves what a good commercial mind he has. His advisory work with redundancy helped many get back on their feet. Peter can combine a sharp and savvy business mind with great emotional intelligence, making him an ideal business advisor for both start-ups and established companies alike.”


~ Robin Buller, New Energy Business Development

“Peter provides excellent support for redundant executive professionals on his six-week course. This has been a lifeline for me and has, above all, equipped me with an array of 'self-marketing' skills. Creatively designed with an underlying theme of support and pro-activity, I thoroughly recommend Peter and his work in tackling (and harnessing the benefits of) redundancy.”

~ Liz Prosser, Senior Policy & Programme Manager at Greater London Authority