Job Hunting: How to Succeed Without Submitting

Are you close to giving up on job searching? Maybe, over the horizon, there is an exciting opportunity ready and waiting for you; now is not the time to turn your back and give up hope! Giving up at the wrong moment can cause you to get left behind - therefore, it is vitally important to stay resilient and keep going in the face of adversity.

Twelve Tips for Remaining Resilient

  1. Open up to your friends and family, and share your thoughts and feelings with others. Listen to the advice they have to give and feel that weight on your shoulders lighten.

  2. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Make sure you remind yourself that you were doing good work and possess lots of skills; but unfortunately, the circumstances just weren’t on your side.

  3. Remember that this is nothing personal. It is not YOU who has been made redundant, it is the JOB which has disappeared.

  4. Look in the mirror and reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. Individual career profiling can help you work out your top skills, and play to these during job applications and interviews.

  5. Prepare the best CV possible. Ensure that you inject some personality into your application, and adapt your CV for each specific role you apply to.

  6. Network with your previous employers and ex-colleagues, letting them know that you are looking for job opportunities.

  7. Talk with many different career professionals. Try reaching out to HR managers, career coaches and those operating within similar industries.

  8. Post your CV on LinkedIn and on specialist job hunting sites such as Indeed.

  9. Approach key decision-makers directly for job opportunities. Write or email personalised letters, expressing your interest in a role and/or company, and send these to Managers and Directors.

  10. Register with recruitment agencies and ask them to contact you with details of any relevant roles.

  11. Keep in mind that the right position or perfect role for you might not exist right now. It may be worth being flexible in your approach to job hunting.

  12. Research and practice well for any interviews you attend. If you are offered a lower salary, be prepared to take it - it’s better to be employed than not!

That All-Important ‘Can Do’ Attitude

Many sectors and industries have been hit hard by covid-19; but many of these will bounce back in time. Yes, the employment market may seem gloomy at the moment - but if you can be adaptable and demonstrate a ‘can do’ attitude, you will certainly stand out amongst the competition.

So, if you start to become tired and can feel yourself giving up, find that inner strength and push yourself to keep going. You will get there!

CertaintyOne: Throwing You a Lifebelt During a Storm

Our NEW Resilience Clubs are dedicated to helping individuals who are experiencing longer-term issues and difficulties. We focus on developing confidence and skills in job searching, which is vitally important in an economy where full-time opportunities may be limited and/or minimal.

In small, confidential group settings, we create an environment where everyone can open up about key difficulties they are experiencing and hear from others who may be struggling with similar issues. Our Resilience Clubs can be completed virtually, or face-to-face when covid rules allow.

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