Uncertain about Employment?

Have you recently been made redundant? Or do you run a business or charity that now needs to make redundancies with compassion and care? CertaintyOne provides expert coaching services to individuals who have been majorly affected by the covid-19 epidemic.

What Should I Do Next?

There are various options out there for those of you who now find yourself unemployed. Of course, you could choose to stay home and survive on your current savings; if your finances and family situation allow. But for most of us, we need to be active participants in job seeking…

  • Create a quality CV and hunt for similar jobs within your chosen career (if enough vacancies currently exist)

  • Change your career and try something completely new – if you’re willing to take the risk!

  • Secure two or more part-time roles – combined, you may be able to earn enough to keep your head above water

  • Learn a new trade and become self-employed – if you have the time and resources to do so

  • Partner with others and start a new business – if you are able to fund yourself until you begin to secure successful sales

  • Study for a new qualification – this may help give you an edge over the current competition within certain employment fields

  • Give something back to your local community and/or charities – everyone can benefit from helping their local community!

Top Tips for Success

In the current economic climate there is great competition for jobs; even with the right experience and qualifications, you must move fast and create your "Passport to Success" (CV) before approaching employers. We offer this as a foundation, as well as profiling, career advice and leadership skills training – click here to find out more.

We highly recommend that you explore all of the options available to you and implement a viable plan for the future. The online LIFO person styles development profile can help you discover your strengths and weaknesses; this will help you determine where you fit in within the employment world, and is highly beneficial for both employers and employees.

CertaintyOne: Certain Success in Uncertain Times

From younger people to senior experienced professionals, CertaintyOne provides expert coaching services to individuals who have been made redundant. If you require a longer-term solution, our new Resilience Club is designed to help individuals develop their resilience and confidence during these unprecedented times. You can join with others to receive ongoing professional advice and share issues in confidence during our programme.

Click here to book onto our expert Resilience Club. The sooner you book, the better – places are limited!

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