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Resilience Club

Resilience Club

Have you been out of work for a few months now and need some additional support in a small, exclusive club? Is your health and wellbeing suffering as a result?

What We Do

CertaintyOne’s NEW Resilience Clubs are dedicated to helping individuals who are experiencing longer-term issues and difficulties. We focus on developing confidence and skills in job searching, which is vitally important in an economy where full-time opportunities may be limited and/or minimal. In small, confidential group settings, we create an environment where everyone can open up about key difficulties they are experiencing and hear from others who may be struggling with similar issues. It has been scientifically proven that talking openly about some of the following unemployment-triggered issues can help relieve stress.

Past experience has revealed that, during these unstructured sessions, people will often talk and make friends with others in similar circumstances, becoming more open about: 

  • Frustrations about damage to trade sectors such as hospitality, aviation and travel 

  • The negative effects of career changes or sudden halts / reductions in income 

  • The need to secure part-time roles and having the confidence to build a portfolio of interests 

  • Possibilities of joining forces with other colleagues with similar skills

  • Sharing ideas and possibly start up new businesses

  • Solving family challenges around past expectations, housing and mortgages

  • Protecting children from suffering adversity, such as having to move or change schools

  • Re-building confidence and facing up to a new employment world 

How We Do It

Led by a selected associate (depending upon location), our friendly Resilience Clubs take part on a regular basis, usually meeting once a fortnight, for as long as each group wishes for it to continue. These are a vital resource for any community where unemployment is an ongoing issue for small groups; of any age or experience.

If you are interested in joining the Resilience Club, please contact us today. Alternatively, please email us with any questions or queries you may have – we would be happy to help.