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Startup Business Support

Startup Business Support

Have you recently been made redundant and are now thinking of starting your own business? Do you need help with setting up and planning your new venture?

What We Do

With many employers unfortunately having to reduce new job opportunities, individuals who have been made redundant may be meeting for the first time to set up and grow new businesses together. Discover whether you have common skill sets and shared ambitions with others during our expert Startup Business Support service.

Our quality specialist partners can offer:

  • Creative service design ideas and business plans

  • Basic accountancy services for company formation

  • Legal services for contracts, and intellectual property protection

  • Marketing, social media and website services

  • Web trading on platforms such as fulfilment by Amazon 

  • Product photography and service promotion

How We Do It

Alongside our Redundancy Mentoring, Outplacement or Resilience Club services, we can also offer a specialist Startup Business Support service, helping those who have recently been made redundant to shape their plans. Our team of experts can support you with the setup and planning of your new business; we even have access to a pool of experienced Senior Directors, who can help manage your business as non-executives.

If you are thinking of embarking on this route, please get in touch with the team at CertaintyOne today. We will endeavour to provide invaluable support and guidance throughout your start-up journey.